Upcoming third (and last) BioSTEP exhibition

Visit our Bioeconomy in Everyday Life exhibition in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria


24.09.2017 -

In October (13th – 15th) this year, the BioSTEP team will bring the exhibition „Bioeconomy in everyday life“ to Stara Zagora, to the Regional Museum of History. The exhibition presents a variety of products which contain components made from renewable raw materials or are produced using bio-based procedures. Examples include dresses made from milk residues or coffee or sneakers soles from rice husks. The innovations are already part of our daily life and can be found in our kitchens, bathrooms or garages.
This exhibition has already been shown at numerous locations and occasions: in the Glasgow Science Centre in Scotland and at the Fenice Green Energy Park in Padua, Italy, to name but a few.

Project Team