Second BioSTEP exhibition in Brescia

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23.04.2017 -

Last week, the second BioSTEP exhibition opened its doors to the public in the AmbienteParco in Brescia!

For the next three weeks, visitors have the chance to visit the exhibition „Bioeconomy in everyday life“ in AmbienteParco. The exhibition presents a variety of products, which contain components made from renewable raw materials or are produced using bio-based procedures. Examples include dresses made from milk residues or coffee or sneakers soles from rice husks. Goal of the EU-funded BioSTEP project and its exhibition is to render the abstract concept of bioeconomy feasible.

This exhibition has already been shown at numerous locations and occasions: in the Glasgow Science Centre in Scotland, at the Global Bioeconomy Summit in Berlin and at the Bioeconomy Investment Summit in Brussels, to name but a few. You can visit the exhibition at AmbienteParco during the opening hours of the park (in a guided tour):

If you would like to see some pictures beforehand, click here.

Have a look at the exhibition brochure here.


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