Dr. Sara Davies

Senior Research Fellow

University of Strathclyde, European Policies Research Centre

University of Strathclyde, 40 George Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G1 1QE

Dr Sara Davies is a Senior Research Fellow at the European Policies Research Centre, at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. She is leading WP 3 on identifying national and regional good practices, which is exploring how different people and organisations participate in bioeconomy strategies and how engagement could be supported and expanded. She specialises in research on regional policy (including EU Cohesion policy) and regional socio-economic inequalities within Europe, with a particular interest in geographical disparities on the labour market and in life satisfaction and well-being. She has an MSc and PhD in regional economic development and previous worked as an economist at the European Commission, focusing on the impact of EU Cohesion policy and Member States’ domestic regional policies.     


Dr Sara Davies, + 44 141 548 3932

⚠ Project ended 02/2018 – please take a look at our results!

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