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Wageningen Economic Research

The global challenges related to the availability of sufficient healthy food and a healthy living environment and lifestyle demand new knowledge with impact, as well as social and technological innovation that actually works. Innovation that is focused on the balance between the earth’s capacity and human actions; innovation based on (socio)economic and technological expertise. Wageningen Economic Research has been an expert in this playing field for over 75 years, and is known as a knowledge institute that provides insight into the capacity of our planet on the one hand, and human actions on the other.

Our strength lies in developing new insights based on market intelligence (fact and evidence based information) and our integrated approach to issues. Wageningen Economic Research has a nationally and internationally proven track record and extensive experience in setting up and carrying out policy analyses, including social cost/benefit analyses, impact evaluations, and future studies, as well as market and chain research, consumer research and the development of monitoring systems for industry. Our research relies on high-quality market and chain knowledge, a wide and international knowledge network, and unique data and models from the micro to the macro level. It is this combination that allows us to answer your questions based on the best available knowledge. Wageningen Economic Research stimulates sustainable economic development and the growth of companies or economies. As a result, our scientists contribute to the quality of life.

Wageningen Economic Research is an independent and internationally leading socio-economic research institute that offers governments and companies (socio)economic insights and integral advice for sound policies and better decision-making in an innovative way. Within Wageningen Economic Research and together with the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) and the university’s Department of Social Sciences (DMW), Wageningen Economic Research is part of the Social Sciences Group. DMW, Wageningen Economic Research and CDI comprise the entire knowledge chain of fundamental scientific research (DMW), applied scientific research (Wageningen Economic Research) and consultancy and capacity building (CDI). As a result, Wageningen Economic Research provides access to this comprehensive range of expertise.



Dr Volkert Beekman, +31 70 3358241

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