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Experienced industry and scientific specialists at BIOCOM AG have been tracking the development of biotechnology from research to market for more than 25 years. Founded as a publishing house in 1986, BIOCOM AG is today the leading information specialist for bio­technology and life sciences in Europe. BIOCOM AG has extensive knowledge and experience in all biotech areas, from the pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors to industrial production. Building on this, the Project Management division offers a comprehensive range of services for companies and the public sector – wherever state-of-the-art biotechnology calls for specialised information and communication processes. Though working throughout Europe in media, events and services, the heart of BIOCOM AG beats in Berlin. The company headquarters is located in the historic Rütgers­haus in city's Tiergarten. 


Dr Boris Mannhardt, +49 30 2649210

⚠ Project ended 02/2018 – please take a look at our results!

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