Bulgarian Industrial Association – Union of the Bulgarian Business

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The Bulgarian Industrial Association – Union of the Bulgarian Business (BIA) is a voluntary, non-governmental organisation of the Bulgarian industry, established in 1980. BIA is an umbrella organisation with a matrix structure, vertically representing over 100 sector-oriented organisations and horizontally over 100 regional and local bodies, besides large scientific organisations and universities, other collective members and single companies. BIA defends the interests of its members by determining the economic policy in Bulgaria, lobbying at state level, developing and improving the regulatory framework and preparing analyses, studies and others in the area of industrial, tax and social policy, environmental protection, SMEs, etc.

BIA participates in partnership bodies on a national level and is a nationally recognised organisation of the employers, participating through its representatives in the work of the National Council of Tripartite Cooperation, Economic and Social Council, commissions and committees at ministries and other governmental institutions, etc.


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