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Aghetera is a Sustainability Research & Consultancy company founded in 2009 and based in Venice, offering innovative LCA-based methods for the identification, the analysis and the solution of problems related to the management of the environment, the territory and economic/manufacturing systems.

The main goals of Aghetera are:

  • Making their competences available for connecting the applied research results with the demand of sustainable growth and innovation of social-economic system at various scales;
  • Overcoming the structural deficiencies that characterise the national economic/manufacturing system (e.g. small companies dimension, high energy costs, inadequate integration of production chains, optimisation of logistic and procurement system, etc.).

Aghetera supports companies to become sustainably innovative by providing the best strategies for improving the entire business. That is: internal organisational issues; integration between the whole sourcing-production-distribution chains; cooperation with the institutional, commercial partners and the stakeholders. Research and consultancy for sustainability are based on Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) approach.

The Aghetera approach also includes the direct and participatory involvement of all the actors concerned with the problems, the reduction to the elemental terms of every criticality and the identification of interdisciplinary paths to go through for the solutions. The added value of this strategy is to find the common interest, facilitate the participation and commitment, optimising the final results and advantages for all the actors involved.


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⚠ Project ended 02/2018 – please take a look at our results!

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