Work Package 3: Identifying national and regional good practices

The aim of Work Package 3 “Identifying national and regional good practices” is to develop a comprehensive understanding of how successful bioeconomy strategies are developed, by drawing on the experiences of some of Europe’s most successful bioeconomies. This task includes a strong focus on how public participation and the involvement of a wide range of stakeholders can create the best possible bioeconomy strategies, and how different forms of governance can be used to effectively support industry growth.

WP3 is centred on two national case studies and four regional case studies. The case studies will draw from detailed research, online surveys and interviews. There is also a strong public engagement element; four regional public events will be held to ensure that bioeconomy stakeholders can contribute to a better understanding of how strategy can inform the future success of the sector. The main output of WP3 will be a set of good-practice bioeconomy strategy guidelines for wider use across European countries and regions.

WP leader: University of Strathclyde, Prof. Dr John Bachtler

Project Team