Related projects and initiatives



    AGRIFORVALOR builds bridges between researchers and practitioners by demonstrating new opportunities to convert biomass sidestreams into valorized products using e.g. biotechnology and recycling technologies. The technology-transfer and business... More



    The aim of the BERST-project is to take into account the bioeconomy potential and strategies of a range of different regions in Europe, and therefore to gain understanding of the possibilities and challenges related to the enhancement of bio based... More

  • BioHorizon


    BioHorizon is a project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. Its purpose is to align and enhance the services that National Contact Points (NCPs) for “Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and... More

  • BioLinX


    BioLinX will bridge research and innovation efforts in the bioeconomy by building three large clusters in Europe and initiating within them a range of powerful linking and innovation acceleration processes. The BioLinX partners have leading roles in... More

  • BioPROM


    The BIOPROM project consortium was a Co-ordination and Support Action (Supporting) for bringing together experts who work with and on new concepts for communicating Bioeconomy science to the public. One of these concepts was to address the interests... More

  • CommBeBiz


    The CommBeBiz-project is funded by the European Commission, Horizon 2020. The project's aim is to support other EU-funded Bioeconomy projects to communicate their ideas, work and results to key stakeholders supporting the global drive to improve the... More

  • CommNet


    CommNet helps communicators and researchers ‘shout out’ about their projects and their stories. It is there to enable wider and more effective dissemination to the general public, and to key target groups such as young people, small- and... More

  • InnProBio


    The EU-funded InnProBio project will increase the number of public procurers equipped to carry out the procurement of innovative bio-based products and services. One of InnProBio’s primary aims is to develop a community of procurers, decision-makers... More

  • Open-BIO


    Open-Bio investigates how markets can be opened for bio-based products through standardisation, labelling and procurement. Therefore, one focus is on the sustainability of the bio-based resources and potential testing methods for this criterion. The... More

  • ProBIO


    ProBIO is a support action for KBBE projects which identifies KBBE research results to facilitate their uptake into the relevant sector and provides projects in the bioeconomy area with an opportunity to reach the market more effectively. More

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