Public Deliverables

Deliverable 2.1: Beekmann V., de Bakker E., Doerfel A., Overbeek G., Vale M. (2015): Database with information on existing bioeconomy products and processes.

Deliverable 2.2: Hasenheit M., Gerdes H., Kiresiewa, Z., Beekman, V. (2016): Summary report on the social, economic and environmental impacts of the bioeconomy.

Deliverable 2.3: Overbeek G., de Bakker E., Beekman V., Davies S., Kiresiewa Z., Delbrück S., Ribeiro B., Stoyanov M., Vale M. (2016): Review of bioeconomy strategies at regional and national levels.

Deliverable 2.4: de Bakker E., Ribeiro B., Millar K., Beekman V. (2016): Actors and network activities in the bioeconomy: Reflections on guidelines for participatory approaches.

Deliverable 3.1: Davies S., Griestop L., Vironen H., Bachtler J., Dozhdeva V., Michie R. (2016): Case studies of national bioeconomy strategies in Finland and Germany.

Deliverable 3.2: Charles, D., Davies, S., Miller, S., Clement, K., Overbeek, G., Hoes, A.-C., Hasenheit, M., Kiresiewa, Z., Kah, S., Bianchini, C. (2016): Case studies of regional bioeconomy strategies across Europe.

Deliverable 3.3: Davies, S., Ribeiro, B., et al. (2016): Good practice guidelines for stakeholder and citizen participation in bioeconomy strategies.

Deliverable 4.1: Janssen R., Kiresiewa Z., Gerdes H. (2016): Results of the BioSTEP stakeholder consultation.

Deliverable 5.1, MS 14: Video on the BioSTEP project

Deliverable 5.2: English language version: BioSTEP Brochure: Shaping the bioeconomy together.

Deliverable 5.2: Bulgarian language version of the BioSTEP Brochure

Deliverable 5.2: French language version of the BioSTEP Brochure

Deliverable 5.2: German language version of the BioSTEP Brochure

Deliverable 5.2: Italian language version of the BioSTEP Brochure

Deliverable 5.2: Spanish language version of the BioSTEP Brochure

Deliverable 5.4: Virtual exhibition "bioeconomy in everyday life"

Deliverable 6.1: Vale, M., Stoyanov, M. (2017): Regional bioeconomy profiles including socio-economic and environmental impacts: two case studies.


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Bioeconomy is already part of our everyday life!

Dresses made from milk or coffee, car tyres from dandelion, sneaker soles from rice husks or armchairs that are tanned with extracts from olive leaves – sometimes you have to look twice to see which biobased technology is hidden inside. Have a look at the products section to learn about biobased products, the materials, technologies and procedures used and their sustainability effect.

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